LEARN Parent Opportunity Network Launch Event

Februarylaunchpartydance2 25th, 2016 marked the official beginning of the Our Children, Our Schools LEARN Parent Opportunity Network. The launch party for this new community effort was celebrated at Goodwill corporate offices, where families came to connect with one another on the issue of school choice and quality education. Phoenix Academy and PTI Nebraska were also in attendance, in addition to the S.D. Dance team, who performed at the event.

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What is a Parent Network?

The parent network is an independent, parent-led, parent-based membership organization whose objective is to improve their community schools.

The Our Children, Our Schools LEARN Parent Network Opportunity is open to ALL parents, grandparents, foster parents, guardians and concerned individuals who believe every child deserves equal access to a high quality education. Our membership is comprised of traditional public school, charter school, parochial and private school parents. Everyone is welcome to join.

Parent Network members dedicate their time to maintaining an up-to-date understanding of the challenges at their school. They work collectively to advocate for an agenda that puts kids' interests first.

Mission: The Our Children, Our Schools LEARN Parent Opportunity Network is a membership association established to connect parents, guardians and families with the resources and support necessary to effectively advocate for the educational rights of children.

Vision: To ensure parents and guardians of children have legal power to improve the education experience of their children, thus creating school and community environments where parents are seen as equal partners in their children's schools.

Guiding Principles:

  1. A quality education is a human right for all children, not a privilege.
  2. Parents must take responsibility for their child's academic and life success through active participation, as opposed to keeping non-active expectations.
  3. Parents have the right to choose the best school that meets their child's academic needs.
  4. Communities have the right to quality schools in their neighborhoods.
  5. The parent network supports the acquisition of knowledge, experience, and resources for all children with the goal of raising academic achievement by reducing the achievement gap.
  6. The parent network supports partnerships with administrators and teachers who demonstrate effectiveness in the classroom as shown by increased academic achievement for all children.
  7. The parent network, as a voting block, will hold elected officials accountable for their decisions on appropriations and policy related to education through a bi-annual report card and endorsement process.

The Our Children, Our Schools LEARN Parent Opportunity Network collaborates with parents, key stakeholders, education, and social justice advocates across the state of Nebraska and the U. S. to engage decision makers to affect and sustain best practice educational reform efforts.

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Watch KETV's coverage of the launch party here: Parents organize to push for education input, school choice


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